With a legacy spanning over three decades, KOSMONIA has navigated
through various industries and markets, adapting and evolving to become
a leader in the glass manufacturing industry today
From its humble beginnings in 1989 under a different name, this company
has grown exponentially over the years, expanding its product offerings
and establishing strategic partnerships with renowned clients.

2002 - 2005

Diversication And


In the early 2000s, this company entered a period of intense
growth and diversification.


In 2002,Yin Sheng was founded, focusing on small household
appliances, kitchen appliances, glass, and furniture glass.

A year later, Yin Tai was established, specializing in furnitureglass and mirror production.


The year 2004 proved to be pivotal as Yin Sheng made its
foray into the white goods market, representing esteemed
clients such as Midea and Gree.


it further expanded its portfolio by entering the small applianc
es market in 2005, collaborating with Philips.

2002 - 2005


In the subsequent years, this company’s com-
mitment to strategic collaborations became

In 2008, it ventured into the TV base business,serving well-known clients such as Samsung.

A strategic partnership in 2010 with IKEA,a global leader in home furnishings,marked a significant milestone and opened new avenues for growth and innovation.

The following year, the company expanded its television business, securing partnerships with Sony and Panasonic.

2012 - 2022


In 2012, Yin Te Feng was founded, focusing on electronic and electrical glass components such as panels, backboards, and light guides. This move showcased this company’s adaptability to changing market trends.

Collaborations with LG in 2014 and several major domestic television clients in 2018 further solidified the company’s position in the industry

In 2017, Yin Te Feng underwent rebranding, transforming into Yin Tai Feng and emphasizing its expertise in electronic and electrical glass components. It continued its dedication to innovation and quality, expanding its product offerings to include diffusion boards.


Embracing New Ventures

The year 2022 marked a significant milestonewith the introduction of the
KOSMONIA brand and entrance into the mirror production business.

This diversification showcased the company’s ability to adapt and explore
new opportunities while affirming its dedication to the mirror market.


KOSMONIA’s success is not attributed solely to its diverse portfolio but also
to its infrastructure and skilled workforce. With a sprawling 80000 square
meters of campus, the company boasts state-of-the-art facilities to support
its operations and daily life for people who work here. KOSMONIA’s 87 highly
skilled technicians and professionals contribute to the company’s continu-
ous growth and innovation, and the factory’s fully automated digital produc
tion lines make the production process more efficient while reducing the
physical labor of its skilled workers.

With a sprawling 80,000 square meters of campus
87 highly skilled technicians and professionals


Over the past 33 years, this company has demonstrated dependability ethics, kindness, expertise, and integrity.

From its origins in architectural glass to its current expertise in electronics, electrical glass components, and mirrors, KOSMONIA’s journey has been full of growth and discovery.

As it embarks on new ventures under the KOSMONIA brand, this company’s 33 years of experience serve as a testament to its achievements and provide a solid foundation for future success.


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