7 Ways To Be Kind to Yourself in 2024


January 8,2024

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With all that’s expected of us at work, in our social circles, and in our efforts to achieve our personal goals, it’s easy to lose sight of the ever-important act of self-care amidst resolutions, obligations, and deadlines. Not prioritizing self-care can lead to compounded stress that can result in burnouts, breakdowns, and even physical side effects, so it’s important to treat yourself with compassion and understanding, especially during a time of year when we feel pressured to set far-reaching goals and prioritize productivity over all else.

Follow these tips to make room for kindness for yourself in 2024:

1. Practice mirror gazing.

Mirror gazing encourages a person to become more in touch with their inner-self. Set a timer, take a few deep breaths, and make eye contact with yourself in the mirror. Start by focusing on the things you love about yourself, and allow yourself to feel comfortable with your body from the outside-in. Practice regular mirror gazing to grow your self-acceptance and self-compassion over time.

2. Donate things you’re not using.

Sometimes the best way to create self-love is by showing love to others. One way you can do this is by donating items that you’re not using to your local unhoused support resource group to clean up your own space and help others at the same time. Further to this, consider donating your time by volunteering as another way to boost your own morale while boosting others’.

3. Reach out to family and friends regularly.

It can be easy to lose track of our family and friends as we go about our busy lives, but set an intention to prevent this from happening. Call the people you care about regularly, and you’ll be constantly reminded of the support system around you in the process. This practice is a two-way street, as family and chosen family will start to call you more as well, which can be just the self-esteem boost you need to get through a tough day. 

4. Forgive yourself.

Don’t let regrets eat away at you, especially small ones. People with social anxiety often mull over things they could have said or done differently in previous social interactions, but try to put this practice to rest. These actions already happened, so it’s more productive to focus on what’s ahead of you. Let yourself be forgiven for anything you’re holding on to, and move on to new experiences for a mental health boost.

5. Set boundaries.

It can be easy to bend to the inconvenient will of employers, friends, and family, but it’s important to say no sometimes too. Do what works for you, not just what works for others. These inconvenient tasks and obligations can really drain your battery, and you might even find that by prioritizing your own well-being first, you actually have more energy to help and support others in the long run (if you’d like).

6. Take care of your body.

Your body, mind, and gut are all connected. Sometimes the biggest mental health boost we can give ourselves does not start with the brain. Exercise regularly, drink a lot of water, and make sure you get enough sleep to set yourself up for success. You’ll not only start to feel physically healthier and more energetic, you’ll also likely experience the widely known mental and emotional benefits of healthy eating and physical activity.

7. Treat yourself.

You work hard, so don’t forget to reward yourself every once in a while for all the things you do. Buy yourself something nice you’ve been wanting, treat yourself to a nice dinner, or gift yourself an experience. It’s important to be your own best friend and show yourself gratitude for all that you do. So treat yourself.


Follow these tips to be kinder to yourself in the new year, and remember to be compassionate with yourself, let yourself make mistakes, and encourage yourself to grow. Follow our blog for more self-love tips, and let’s make 2024 a year of self-care!

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