7 Ways to Brighten Your Wardrobe for Spring


March 3,2024

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With spring just around the corner, you may be feeling the itch to brighten up your wardrobe to match the season. Not quite sure where to begin? We’ve got your back. Here are 7 tips for lightening your wardrobe this spring without overhauling your closet or abandoning your personal style.

1. Consider your accessories.

For spring, consider incorporating lighter colored jewelry, handbags, belts, backpacks, sunglasses, or any other accessories that you feel reflect your personality. Use these accessories to highlight the color palette you’ve chosen for your outfit or brighten and uplight an otherwise darker ensemble. However, keep in mind that too many accessories can end up feeling busy. Use a few of your favorites, and remember that less can be more.

2.Focus on your footwear.

Let your shoes do some of the heavy lifting when it comes to brightening your wardrobe. Just as lighter jewelry, handbags, and belts can uplift an outfit, switching from a black or dark brown boot to a light colored shoe can instantly take a winter outfit into spring. If you’re interested in injecting some color or pizazz, let your shoes be the bright statement piece of your outfit.

3.Try a monochromatic look.

If you’re going for a bright spring look, consider trying a monochromatic look for your entire ensemble. An all yellow, baby blue, or pink look can really make a statement and will definitely catch people’s eye. This is a fun way to embrace colors head-on and let the world know that you’re ready for spring. Not ready to go bold? You can still rock the monochromatic look in soft beiges and whites to capture the lightness of spring.

4.Pair a pop of color with a neutral one.

While matching complementary colors can look great, sometimes what you need to highlight your pop of color is a neutral one. Wearing a black, beige, or gray jacket or pants can turn your brightly colored shirt into a statement accent piece while pulling your outfit together perfectly. By pairing neutrals with your bright article of clothing, you can also avoid overly busy outfits that have multiple bright items competing against each other.

5.Pair graphic tees with bright colors.

Most of us have a favorite white or black graphic tee that we wear regularly. Try matching it with a bright-colored jacket to draw attention to your t-shirt while adding some color to your outfit. The two will complement each other and turn your standard graphic tee into a fun and bright outfit.

6.Add light-washed jeans into the mix.

If bold colors are not your jam, try simply swapping out your dark wash jeans for lighter washes to capture that spring vibe. Throw on a light-washed jean jacket to brighten an otherwise darker outfit without adding any overly bold colors. This is also a great option for people who prefer a cool color palette in their outfits but still want to brighten up their look.

7.Wash your clothes with vinegar.

Washing your clothes with vinegar can help preserve color by preventing dyes from fading. The vinegar washes right out, and it can help your clothes stay brighter for longer. This prevents color bleeding as well, as the acetic acid in vinegar helps seal the dye into fabrics, especially for new clothes.



Get your wardrobe spring-ready with these tips, and consider brighten your entire dressing routine this spring with one of our adjustable LED mirrors. Have questions? Contact us!

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