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By Partnering with Self-Esteem Rising, Kosmonia Seeks to Instill Confidence in Girls Around the World


July 5 ,2024

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As a company dedicated to brightening lives (literally with its illuminated mirrors and on a more impactful level with its actions as a company), Kosmonia is consistently seeking out opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.


Kosmonia’s focus has been on uplifting and enabling girls and women around the world, who often face unrealistic beauty standards and restrictive societal norms. Through its lifestyle blog and social media platforms, Kosmonia strives to create a community that inspires and empowers girls and women of all ages.

Photo:Self-Esteem Rising

Now, through its partnership with nonprofit organization Self-Esteem Rising, Kosmonia is able to increase its impact by touching the lives of tens of thousands of girls and women around the world.


Self-Esteem Rising is dedicated to empowering females of all ages by teaching them how to activate genuine confidence. Through Kosmonia’s new partnership with the nonprofit, Kosmonia now donates a portion of all profits directly to Self-Esteem Rising, helping to fund the organization’s international Beautiful Me program.


Beautiful Me is Self-Esteem Rising’s flagship educational self-esteem program, which is offered tuition-free to females of all ages in schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, senior centers and more.

“Females who have participated in Beautiful Me have expressed an increased awareness of their beauty and the value of individual uniqueness, the desire to demonstrate support and kindness to others, the need to speak up for themselves, and a sense of bonding and closeness with other participants,” states the Beautiful Me fact sheet.


More than 56,000 females have graduated from the Beautiful Me program worldwide, and Kosmonia is thrilled to be helping to fund ongoing installments of the program.


Kosmonia wants every girl and woman to see their best selves looking back at them in the mirror, and Self-Esteem Rising is a noble organization helping to make that happen.

Photo:Self-Esteem Rising

To learn more about Self-Esteem Rising, its programs and its impact, visit

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