Code Of Conduct


Code Of Conduct

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This Code sets forth the basic standards of ethical and responsible business conduct that must be adhered to by all directors, officers and employees of KOSMONIA in our daily work in KOSMONIA.

These standards are based on KOSMONIA’s core values of Kindness, Ethics, Integrity, Expertise and Dependability that are critical to KOSMONIA’s success. All KOSMONIA Personnel must act in accordance with this Code.

Responsibility for Products

·Product and Service Safety and Accessibility

At KOSMONIA, our goal is to consistently create and execute programs across all aspects of our operations that surpass or meet legal obligations, prioritizing the safety of our products and services. We are dedicated to providing accurate, easily comprehensible, and prominently displayed safety instructions and information to our customers. Additionally, we place careful consideration on accessibility when designing and planning our products and services. In the event of any incidents or safety issues related to our products or services, we will promptly report them in accordance with KOSMONIA’s internal protocols.

·Advertising and Marketing

KOSMONIA markets and sells its products and services based on their genuine qualities and advantages. We strictly adhere to principles of honesty and transparency, refraining from false or deceptive advertising practices, as well as any advertising that defames competitors. It is important to note that comparative advertising may be restricted in certain countries. In instances where such comparisons are permissible, we will ensure that they are supported by evidence, complete, accurate, and devoid of any potential for misinterpretation or misrepresentation.

Our responsibilities


As a KOSMONIA partner, you may come across significant and confidential information about our business, often referred to as “material non-public information.” It is crucial to be aware that while in possession of such information, partners should strictly keep all undisclosed information of KOSMONIA confidential.

To avoid any potential issues, it is important to interpret the term “material non-public information” broadly. This includes various types of sensitive information, such as financial data, the development of new products or services, proposed acquisitions, joint ventures, mergers, ongoing government investigations, and changes in key personnel.

For clarity, information is considered non-public unless it has been appropriately disclosed to the public through methods like public filings with securities regulatory authorities or the issuance of official company press releases. The policy aims to prevent insider trading and maintain fairness and transparency in all aspects of our operations. By complying with this policy, partners help safeguard the integrity of the company and avoid legal and ethical complexities related to insider trading.

·Confidential Information

The information regarding KOSMONIA should not be strictly utilized for company-related matters and must not be shared with external individuals. Within the company itself, access to confidential information should be limited to those who genuinely require it to carry out their business responsibilities. Upon leaving KOSMONIA, it is imperative to return all company materials, property, and any duplicates.

To ensure the safety of confidential materials:

  • Safely store them in a secure location, avoiding being disclosed to unauthorized individuals.
  • ·Clearly mark them as confidential.
  • ·Avoid sending them to unattended fax machines, scanners, or printers.
  • ·Avoid being discussed where others hear.

KOSMONIA is committed to being fair to confidential information and materials. We respect all the information of others as we take care to protect our confidential information.

Here are essential guidelines to follow:

  • ·Do not bring any materials from previous employers to KOSMONIA.
  • ·Do not accept or use information from current or former employees or suppliers of other companies.
  • ·Be transparent in obtaining information about the marketplace.

·Intellectual Property

The intellectual property of KOSMONIA holds our valuable assets and differentiates us from our competitors. We will all work together to safeguard KOSMONIA’s intellectual property, including patents, designs, trademarks, trade secrets, and copyrights, including visual works and compositions. We are committed to vigorously defending KOSMONIA’s rights while also demonstrating respect for the intellectual property rights of others. It is our obligation not to knowingly misuse the intellectual property of others or infringe upon their rights.

The standards and policies discussed here may be amended from time to time. Partners and employees of KOSMONIA should access the code of conduct on our website for the most current version.

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