Desilvering: Why Mirrors Turn Black & How To Prevent It From Happening


October 20,2023

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Mirrors are meant to reflect our image with pristine clarity, but over time, you may have noticed an unwelcome transformation – the gradual appearance of black edges or spots on your mirror, also known as desilvering.

In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this issue and provide practical tips on preserving the flawless reflection of your mirrors.

Why Do Mirrors Develop Black Edges?

There are a number of reasons why mirrors can develop black spots or edges:

Moisture Infiltration

One of the primary causes of black spots and edges on mirrors is moisture infiltration. When moisture finds its way behind the reflective surface of a mirror, it can damage the reflective coating and lead to discoloration.

Chemical Contamination

Mirrors can also fall victim to chemical contamination. Exposure to acidic or alkaline substances can lead to discoloration and etching of the glass surface.

Poor Sealing

While mirrors are typically backed with a protective sealant to ward off moisture, improper sealing around the edges can make them susceptible to infiltration, ultimately leading to blackening.

Humidity and Temperature Fluctuations

Frequent fluctuations in the humidity and temperature of a room can create a conducive environment for moisture buildup behind a mirror, hastening the onset of black spots.

How to Prevent Desilvering

Want to avoid the onset of unsightly desilvering? Use these five tips to ensure your mirror stays in pristinecondition for years to come.

Choose high-quality mirrors

Start with high-quality mirrors that have proper sealing and backing to reduce the risk of moisture infiltration from the beginning.

Proper installation

Ensure mirrors are installed correctly, with a well-sealed perimeter to minimize the chance of moisture getting behind the glass.

Maintain ventilation

Maintain good ventilation in the space where the mirror is located. Adequate air circulation can help reduce humidity fluctuations that contribute to black spots.

Frame your mirror

Framing your mirror can add an extra layer of protection against moisture infiltration, while also enhancing its aesthetics.

Inspect regularly

Periodically inspect your mirrors for any signs of darkening edges, and address any issue promptly to prevent further damage.

Anti-Oxidation Mirrors Vs. Standard Mirrors

One way to simplify your efforts to prevent desilvering is to choose a specially treated anti-oxidation mirror. How does an anti-oxidation mirror compare to a standard mirror? Let’s break it down.

While a regular mirror can withstand about 120 hours before oxidation and desilvering can set in, specially treated anti-oxidation mirrors – specifically Kosmonia’s anti-oxidation mirrors – can successfully avoid oxidation for nearly 400 hours. That exceeds the resilience of standard mirrors by more than twice the duration.

At Kosmonia, every mirror undergoes a cutting-edge anti-oxidation process during manufacturing, providing long-term protection to the delicate silver layer of each mirror. Kosmonia also offers a 5-year quality assurance for every mirror purchased. So, should any mirror exhibit desilvering issues within the first 5 years, customers can simply reach out to Kosmonia’s customer service team for a free replacement.

To prevent black spots and maintain your mirror’s luster, it is important to choose high-quality mirrors, install them properly, and regularly clean and maintain them. Following these simple tips can help extend the lifespan of your mirrors and keep them shining brightly for years to come. But if you’re looking to avoid the threat of desilvering all together, opt for an anti-oxidation mirror, like those offered by Kosmonia.

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