How a Customized Mirror Can Transform Your Retail Business


October 7th, 2023

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As a retail store owner, there’s nothing worse than watching customers consider items yet leave without making a purchase. But if they don’t like what you’re selling, there’s nothing you can do… right? Not quite. There are plenty of action steps you can take to improve the overall customer experience, properly showcase your products, and increase sales.

In this article, we’re going to focus on one detail that can make a difference: customized mirrors. These functional decor pieces can improve the shopping experience, generate more sales, become a mainstay of your brand, and help pull in return business.

Mirrors can be customized in a number of ways,

including shape, size, color, and illumination style.
Choose a customization that fits the vision and goals for your brand, and the results will follow.

Here’s what a customized mirror can do for you and your retail business.

Improve your store’s ambiance

Mirrors reflect light within a space, instantly making any room feel brighter and more inviting. Mirrors also have the ability to make stores feel larger than they are, expanding the visual space so that customers don’t feel cramped or confined while shopping.

In addition to these points, a high-quality mirror can also give a store a high-end feel, much like how a sleek illuminated mirror makes a hotel room feel modern and elevated.

Showcase your products in the best light

An illuminated mirror can really highlight your products in a way that makes customers more likely to follow through with a purchase. Whether it be clothes, makeup, or accessories, a high-quality mirror with the right amount of custom illumination can highlight your products and show your customers how they can elevate one’s personal appearance.

In dressing rooms, flattering LED mirrors with different tonal settings can allow customers to experience how the items they’re considering will look in different light settings, thus eliminating any uncertainty or hesitation. Adding more mirrors throughout a retail store is helpful as well, as additional mirrors give your customers more opportunities to see how great they look with your products.

Increase social media engagement

If your customers love how they look, they’ll be more likely to share selfies with your products, helping to spread the word about your brand. Consider adding your business’s branding and/or custom messaging to your mirrors to increase brand awareness further when selfies are shared.

You can even take this a step further by creating a dedicated selfie station in your store that encourages customers to take pictures. This can also pull in new customers who may swing by your store to take a selfie but stick around to make a purchase.

Compliment your brand and its products

Custom mirror shapes and sizes can be a fun and functional way to compliment and underscore your brand and the products it sells (in addition to encouraging further social media posting). If your logo is in the shape of a star, for example, you may consider installing a star-shaped mirror in your store. Round LED mirrors might be ideal for makeup retailers, while full-length LED mirrors might be more practical for suit and gown retailers.

By customizing your mirrors to your brand and the specific products it sells, you can not only give your brand additional identity that sticks with customers, you can also create a shopping environment that compliments the products you offer and encourages sales.

Running a retail business can be challenging, but paying attention to details like customized mirrors can make a big difference both in the short-term with increased sales, and in the long-term with increased brand awareness. Check out our products page for some ideas to get you started on helping your retail business thrive and succeed. Ready to dive into customizing a mirror to suit your business’s specific needs? Kosmonia’s team of experts is here to help! Reach out today.

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