How Reflection Can Help You Achieve Your Goals


March 10, 2024

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Whether it be taking a long walk, mirror gazing, or practicing guided meditation, self-reflection is a crucial element in achieving goals. Without it, we run the risk of operating inefficiently, getting distracted, or letting our own shortcomings get in the way of our growth. Here are a few ways reflection can help us achieve our goals.


Reflection helps us take a look at the tasks we have to do and prioritize them accordingly. If we don’t take time to do this, we can miss out on opportunities to get closer to our goals while we are busy focusing on tasks that might essentially be glorified distractions. Prioritizing is an important skill for any successful person, and that starts with reflection.

Increasing self-esteem

Self-love activities like mirror gazing are important because they remind us of our strengths and how we can use them to achieve our goals. On top of processing how to use our strengths to our advantage, reflection also gives us the will power we need to see tasks through to the end. After all, if we want to achieve our goals, we first have to believe we can.

Improving performance

Reflection gives us the opportunity to take a look at what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong, and how we could do those things better as we pursue our goals. Reflection can help improve performance by allowing us time to think of creative solutions to problems, consider old relationships or skills that can help speed up the process of achieving our goals, or discover ways to keep distractions at bay so we can focus on what’s important.

Seeing the big picture

Reflection allows us to take a step back from what’s right in front of us and remember the bigger picture. After a while, we might lose sight of the driving reason we wanted to achieve our goal in the first place, which could ultimately be holding us back from achieving it. We also might get stuck on a singular problem, when there is a different problem that can be solved more easily that accomplishes the same thing. Understanding the big picture is essential for achieving goals and personal growth.


Obstacles change our courses of action, but it can be hard to process that without taking a step back and reflecting. Successful people often change course when needed to accomplish a goal more effectively. Regular reflection can help us stay agile and adapt to things as they happen as opposed to blindly forging on with an original (and potentially less effective) strategy after the playing field has changed.

Monitoring progress

Using key performance indicators (KPIs) and personal deadlines can help monitor progress in achieving our goals. Assessing progress during reflection sessions can help us celebrate the wins so we can replicate them and troubleshoot the losses so they won’t happen again in the future.


Achieving our goals requires hard work, determination, and immense foresight. But anything is possible with the right knowledge, tools, and mindset. Use reflection as a valuable tool to help you overcome obstacles, feed your passion, and accomplish your biggest goals.

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