How To Take a Perfect Mirror Selfie


April 16, 2024

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You’re having a good hair day, you’ve picked out the perfect outfit, you’ve added your favorite accessories, you’ve applied your makeup flawlessly, and you feel a little extra radiant today. Before you head out the door, it might be time for a celebratory mirror selfie. To make sure your selfie turns out just as vibrant as you feel, follow these simple tips.

Get your lighting right.

Like any good photo, lighting is key. Using natural lighting is your best bet, as it provides more dimension than artificial light. To capture the best lighting, natural or otherwise, position your mirror or lighting source so the light illuminates your whole face. This will prevent unflattering shadows from being cast on your face, while also preventing distracting bright spots from taking over your photo. To take your mirror selfie to the next level, consider using an illuminated LED mirror to create a flawless selfie glow.

Choose your pose.

Choose a position that makes you feel confident and like your truest self. For some, this entails standing at an angle, lengthening the neck, and protruding the chin for a model-esque pose. For others, it might involve striking a more casual pose by shifting your weight to one hip and sticking a hand in your pocket. Still others might feel most like themselves by making a funny or playful expression. There’s no right answer here – it’s all about what makes you feel the most confident.

Set your background.

Your background sets the tone of your selfie, so think about what you want that tone or aesthetic to be. Clear any visible clutter, unfolded clothes or blankets, dirty dishes, or anything else you don’t want to be visible in your selfie. If you can move your mirror, position it so you get your desired background in your selfie. You can also add your own decor and flair, but don’t underestimate the value of a simple, clean background.

Clean your mirror.

Take a moment to clean your mirror before taking your selfie to avoid any unwanted smudges or blemishes being captured in your photo. This is especially true if you’re using a bathroom mirror, since they tend to collect fingerprints, toothpaste splatters, and water droplets.

Try using a camera timer.

Use the timer feature on your smartphone’s camera so you have time to strategically hide the phone out of sight before it snaps a photo. Tuck your phone behind a decorative object or at a strategic angle to ensure it’s out of the frame when it snaps your selfie. You might be off-center if you do this, but at least the phone will be out of the shot.

Look at the camera, not yourself.

Be sure to look at the camera lens and not at your own reflection when taking your selfie. This simple tip will help to achieve a more impactful yet natural look for your photo.

Experiment with different techniques and styles.

Play around with different angles, styles, and more to find out what feels and looks the best for you. You may try taking a flash photo in the dark to experiment with an edgier look. You might play with different styles, such as casual vs. glamorous. You might want to test out different camera angles, such as high vs. low angles. And you may want to experiment with framing, such as full-length photos vs. waist-up shots. As you play around with your selfie style, maybe take a few photos with your pet! The key is to have fun with it and let your personality shine.


The most helpful tip we can offer is to focus on your inner beauty when taking your photo. While the point of a selfie is to show the world your appearance, inner confidence and beauty shine through and can make a huge difference in your picture.

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