How To Take Advantage of a Bright and Sunny Day


April 18, 2024

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Whether it’s the first warm day of the season, a surprise sunny day in the midst of a bout of rain storms, or just another clear day in the middle of summer, you may find yourself wondering how to take advantage of and truly appreciate the sunny day before you. We’ve got you covered. Here are some tips to make sure you’re making the most out of your clear day ahead.


The sun’s energy can be contagious, but it can also be overwhelming if you don’t prepare properly. Set intentions to hydrate throughout the day to make sure you don’t get unnecessarily tired or fatigued. Make sure you put on sunscreen before you leave for your day outside as well. Even if you don’t burn easily, the sun can be harmful to your long term skin health without you knowing it. You may also want to consider throwing on a hat and/or sunglasses to thwart the sun’s glare. Finally, plan your day’s activities in advance so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your sunny day.

Turn indoor activities into outdoor activities.

Think of ways you can maximize your time outside on this beautiful day by turning activities that might typically be done indoors into outdoor activities. Take your book to the park for some sunny reading time. If you normally drive or take the train to get around, shake up your routine by walking or biking instead. Instead of having lunch in front of the TV or at an indoor cafeteria or cafe, eat lunch outdoors to maximize your time in the sunlight. If you were planning on going to the gym to workout, consider going for a run, a hike, or playing basketball instead. What other indoor activities can you take outside today?

Take advantage of outdoor-only activities.

A warm and bright day is a great time to take part in your favorite activities that can typically only be done outdoors. You might want to go to the beach, a baseball game, or the local swim club. You could have a picnic, go rollerblading, or stroll through your local farmer’s market. If you’re itching to unleash your inner child from the comfort of your own backyard, turn on the sprinkler, set up a slip and slide, and pull out your squirt guns and water balloons for a DIY home waterpark with your kids or friends. Today is the day to partake in activities that are meant to be enjoyed outdoors, whether they be at a specific destination or in your own backyard.

Call up your friends.

Make your day more memorable and enjoyable by sharing it with people you care about. Calling up friends will also prevent you from retreating back indoors. Try these activities with people you care about to fully take advantage of this sunny day.

Take lots of photos.

Take photos and videos to remember this lovely day. You’ll look back fondly on how you took full advantage of the sun with all of these fun activities. Also, natural light is often the best light for photography, so your photos are bound to turn out great!


Make this one of the best days of your year by preparing properly, spending time outside, and sharing your day with people you care about. You won’t regret it, and you’ll certainly remember it fondly. Check out our blog for more helpful tips on brightening your day and your life!

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