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Kosmonia Partners With Self-Esteem Rising
to Empower Girls to Reach Their True Potential


July 1 ,2024

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Kosmonia is excited to announce its partnership with Self-Esteem Rising, a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering girls and women of all ages by teaching them how to activate genuine confidence.

Photo:Self-Esteem Rising

This partnership is part of Kosmonia’s ongoing efforts to create a brighter and more empowering future for the next generation. Studies continue to show that girls and women are more likely than boys and men to underestimate their intelligence and capabilities. This lack of confidence can have very real repercussions on females’ incomes, careers, relationships and more. Self-Esteem Rising strives to change that trajectory by positively intervening at a young age.


Through its new partnership with Self-Esteem Rising, Kosmonia now donates a portion of all profits directly to the nonprofit, helping to fund the organization’s international Beautiful Me programs.


Beautiful Me is Self-Esteem Rising’s flagship educational self-esteem program, which is offered tuition-free to females of all ages in schools, hospitals, colleges and universities, senior centers and more.


More than 56,000 females have graduated from the Beautiful Me program worldwide, and every participant who has completed the program has reported leaving with higher levels of self-esteem, more personal happiness and confidence.


Kosmonia customers play an important role in the contributions made to Self-Esteem Rising. Not only does Kosmonia make donations for every mirror purchased, but customers can also opt to convert their Kosmonia loyalty points into monetary donations that go directly to Self-Esteem Rising.


To celebrate the commencement of this new partnership, Kosmonia gifted an illuminated Kosmonia mirror to the Self-Esteem Rising headquarters, where it was immediately put to use for a Beautiful Me session.

Photo:Self-Esteem Rising

Kosmonia is honored to be working hand-in-hand with such a worthy organization as they empower girls and women around the world to realize their full potential.


To learn more about Self-Esteem Rising, its programs and its impact, visit

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