Residential Design

Mirrors serve as essential elements in residential design,
enhancing different rooms by amplifying light, creating the illusion of more space,
and making stylish statements, all while serving an important day-to-day function.


Given the limited natural light and space in many bathrooms, our LED and RGB mirrors are ideal for amplifying light and creating the illusion of a larger space.

Additionally, the anti-fog feature in our LED mirrors ensures consistently clear reflections, even in a steamy room after a hot shower.


The bedroom is a space where personal style and comfort meet. A full-length mirror is recommended as an essential fixture, enabling you to check your attire and appearance before stepping out.

Framed mirrors above vanities not only aid in better makeup application, but also serve as an eye-catching focal point in the bedroom.



At Kosmonia, our mission is to brighten the lives of our customers by crafting high-quality,
technologically advanced, and safe illuminated mirrors in a variety of designs.

We believe that mirrors can not only serve a valuable day-to-day function,
they can also convey personal style in a home and enhance any living space.
Explore our collection to brighten and expand your space today.


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