The Role of Interior Design in the Salon Industry


January 28,2024

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In an industry like cosmetology, in which the service provided is centered on personal care, the interior design of a salon can make or break the customer experience. Creating an inviting yet professional atmosphere can separate your business from the many competitors in the space, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue over time.

In this article, we’ll review the importance of interior design in the salon industry and discuss what factors you should consider when curating your salon’s interior space.

What is salon interior design?

Salon interior design is the process of creating an aesthetically appealing and functional space for cosmetological practices in which your customers and employees can flourish. This includes the careful selection of furniture, lighting, color schemes, and other decor that adds to the ambiance of your establishment. The goal of salon interior design is to create a space that’s true to your brand, feels inviting for both new and returning customers, allows your team members to provide the best service possible, and enhances the customer experience.

What can interior design do for your salon?

1. Make a great first impression.

Like most brick and mortar businesses, your salon will host first-time walk-in customers. Whether they realize it or not, many of these customers will make a decision about whether they will move forward with a service and/or return for repeat business based on the layout and aesthetics of your establishment. When customers go to a salon, they’re expecting to relax while a professional takes care of them, which is why it can be beneficial for your salon’s interior to create a sense of calm and relaxation. If customers can begin unwinding the moment they sit down in your intentionally designed waiting room, they’ll be more likely to have a positive experience at your establishment.

When designing your space, ensure it feels welcoming and clean. A stuffy or small interior can be a big detractor when it comes to pleasing customers. Take advantage of lighting and mirror placement to make sure this doesn’t happen. Use lighting that renders color, removes shadows, and makes your space feel inviting. Strategically placed mirrors in your space can extend the eyeline and amplify light to make your space feel bigger than it is.

2. Show your customers who you are.

Whether you choose bright colors and patterns for an energetic look or simple muted colors and patterns for a more minimal and calm vibe, the interior design of your salon immediately reveals to your customers who you are as soon as they walk in the door. By identifying your brand early, your customers can immediately start building a connection with your business and the feeling it evokes in them, leading to brand loyalty and trust.

The salon industry is competitive, and customers can likely find similar businesses to yours within a few miles or even a few blocks of your location. That’s why it can be beneficial to employ interior design in your efforts to differentiate your business from your competition. This is especially important for a business like salons that rely largely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

3. Boost employee morale.

Service is crucial for providing a quality salon experience, so make sure your layout brings out the best in your staff. A layout that’s too crowded or too difficult to move through can lead to unhappy employees, which will lead to bad service. Likewise, poor lighting can impact energy levels and morale. Keep your staff in mind when making interior design decisions. When it comes to mirrors, which double as both equipment and decor in the salon industry, be sure you’re selecting products that will make your employees’ jobs easier. For example, large LED mirrors can provide effective additional lighting for detailed work and flattering viewing experiences.

Because the salon business is so service oriented, a happy and well-equipped staff is all that much more important. No one ever returns to a stylist with a bad attitude.

4. Maximize revenue.

Salon interior design can quite literally impact your business’s revenue. By optimizing your setup to fit the optimal number of chairs, for example, you can make sure you are seeing as many customers as possible per day, and reduce wait times in the process. This allows you to make more revenue while simultaneously giving your customers a more efficient experience, leading to more return customers.

Salons have high margins as it is, so putting extra effort and attention into the interior design of your salon can really help boost revenue to the next level. Consider reinvesting some of this revenue into more lavish interior design elements to elevate your interior’s aesthetics even further.

By making a great first impression, showing customers who you are, boosting employee morale, and maximizing revenue, strategic interior design can play a critical role in increasing repeat business and assuring the success of salon establishments.

For more interior design tips, visit our blog.

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